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2. VeraCrypt: Encrypt Your Entire Flash Drive

To disable encryption, right-click on the drive in Finder and select Decrypt. You will be prompted for your encryption password. Once you confirm your action, macOS will remove encryption from the USB flash drive; this action will take some time. Once complete, you can remove your USB flash drive and use it normally without restriction. Wayne State University.

How to password protect a flash drive for windows AND Mac?

Warrior strong Login. Insert your USB flash drive into your Mac. When the icon appears on your desktop, right click on it and select Encrypt.

Require a Password to Access External Drives with an Encrypted Partition

You will then need to enter and confirm a password as well as a password hint. Encryption should only take a few minutes; once complete, you USB flash drive will be fully protected. Last updated: Step 3: Enter the password or digit recovery key to unlock Bitlocker password protected USB flash drive. Step 4: If there is data in USB flash drive, please go to step 3.

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  4. Password Protect an External Drive in Mac OS X with Encrypted Partitions!

Select this option if you want to be prompted for a password to unlock the drive. Passwords allow a drive to be unlocked in any location and to be shared with other people.

Password Protect Your Flash Drive (Mac)

Select this option if you want to use a smart card and enter the smart card PIN to unlock the drive. Because this feature requires a smart card reader, it is normally used to unlock a drive in the workplace and not for drives that might be used outside the workplace.

Step 6: Step 7: Do not remove the USB flash drive until the encryption process is complete. How long the encryption process takes depends on the size of the drive and other factors. Toggle navigation.

Lock external hard drive with password on Mac

How to recover data from external hard drive not mounting in Mac? How to recover data from unreadable Mac hard drive, external hard drive? APFS volume not mounted in disk utility, how to recover lost data?

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How to repair unmounted disk in Mac computer?