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Convert audio or video to MP3 in one click • Get the best possible quality of MP3s with auto settings • Transfer tags from source files or load them from files and.

Most of the other way listed aside from the status bar , take more steps then pressing the spacebar.

Wiping Clean a MacBook Pro with 10.5.8... SuperDrive not working!

Even the status bar option takes more effort, as you have to open a finder window to do it. This works from the desktop. Showing the item info on the desktop works well, so long as your icons are huge and so there's enough space. Great hint. While you have the window open you can click on another drive and it will switch and show that drives info.

Nice hint. Any noise scares everyone and no one see the brilliance of your work. Yeah guys seriously, read the hint before commenting- I actually mention the other ways of finding disk space; so stop yapping.

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Yes, it worked in I've already voiced my frustration several times with negative commenters I affectionately call "snobs" on this site as of late. Please please people just ignore them. They don't realize this isn't a contest, but rather a collective knowledgebase site. Even if it's not "some great new discovery," I love seeing it documented. Snobs be gone. I've been reading the site for nearly a decade has it really been around that long? This particular hint contains a lot of misinformation. The claim that the behavior is new to The implied claim that the author has mentioned all the other ways to get the information which they fell far short of doing, as is obvious from all the "mean" comments.

For such a short hint, it really packs a lot of misinformation punch! All that being said, I acknowledge that a lot of the corrective comments could have been phrased more tactfully. I'd suggest the rudeness is just an emotional possible subconscious reaction to a perception of a recent flood of questionable hints on the site.

I agree the quality of some of the hints here has dropped, but this isn't an example of that. The ONLY misinformation in the hint is the idea that it's new to While of course the hinter should strive to be as accurate as he can, he can normally only go by what he remembers of the previous version, as by definition he can't check now. The editors on the other hand have other resources to call upon, presumably. There is no requirement whatsoever for any hinter to point out the alternative ways of achieving the same thing. He's not writing an OS X manual, he's pointing out one handy thing he's found that people might not have noticed.

If others use other methods to do the same thing, great, and it's good if they list them in the comments, but the first reply in particular was stupid and unnecessary. I know, lets get all the people who post convoluted ways to do things through Terminal include the much simpler UI methods in their hints shall we, before they're accepted? Who cares that some people may prefer to work that way, I don't, so will start to insult the hinter for daring to suggest I should. I think the drop in "quality" you've noticed has several causes. One, the volume of hints has increased significantly due to the popularity of the site and the OS, so robg can't test everything, and two, many more novices are feeling like they can contribute.

Both of these are good things. The "snobs" see it differently. They like to show their prowess by pointing out the flaws in other people's hints, and presume they know every possible thing about every possible thing, in every possible configuration, with every possible peripheral, etc etc. It's not what they say, but how they say it. Often rude and superior. They put the hinter on the defensive. I'm really getting sick of it. I've been reading and contributing to this site for over six years, and one thing has changed for sure, the quality of the commenters.

This hint is a great example. I've never seen it here before, and so it's fair game. Mac Maintenance Quick Assist ,. Speeding up Macs , 4. Essential Mac Maintenance: Get set up , 6. Rev up your routines , 7. Maintaining OS X , 8. Five Mac maintenance myths , 9. How to Speed up Macs , and Myths of required versus not required maintenance for Mac OS X. Be sure you have an adequate amount of RAM installed for the number of applications you run concurrently. Jan 27, You shouldn't have any problems updating to OS X It's a lot more secure that what you are using now, but not fully supported by Apple, so Lion or Mountain Lion would be better choices if your hardware is able to run them.

Mac Book Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Linzun Linzun. More Less. All replies Drop Down menu.

How to CLEAN Install Snow Leopard!

Loading page content. Kappy Kappy. Anyone still using Lion, Snow Leopard, or an earlier version of Mac OS X should strongly consider upgrading to Yosemite if their Mac supports it, or if not, they should buy new hardware if they can afford it. Let's face it, that's what Apple wants you to do anyway. But what can you do if Yosemite is not supported on your Mac and you can't afford to buy a new computer? If you have an older Intel Mac, you have several options. While Apple may not support your Mac anymore, ironically Microsoft does; Windows 8. Oddly enough, even Windows 10 Technical Preview's system requirements hint that Windows 10 will probably run on your old Intel Mac.

Microsoft's skipping the name "Windows 9," by the way. Alternatively, if you can't afford to buy a copy of Windows, or aren't interested in risking all your data to a pre-beta operating system, or just can't stand the thought of running Windows on your Mac—or if you prefer to support free and open-source software—there are guides online detailing how to install Ubuntu Linux on a Mac. The latest versions of Ubuntu are even still being made available for PowerPC-based Macs , including those with a G3 processor.

At the time of this writing, Another option is, of course, to buy a cheap PC, tablet, or Chromebook, assuming it will do all the things for which you personally need a computer. Be forewarned: The average Mac user probably won't be excited about any of those options. I suspect that most Mac users, geeks and non-geeks alike, would rather buy a newer Mac than switch to another platform altogether. If you can't afford to buy a brand new Mac but you do have a little bit of money to spend, you can shop around for used Macs, but make sure you buy one that's new enough to support Yosemite so it will hopefully be able to get security updates for a couple more years.

If you know a Mac user who's still running an older version of OS X , do them a favor and check to see whether their Mac is capable of running Yosemite. If so, help them upgrade. If not, let them know it's time to strongly consider getting a newer computer. The burden of informing users about software and hardware that will no longer receive security updates should really fall on Apple—not on security researchers, security blogs, or blog readers.

Let's hope Apple eventually figures this out and starts giving users clearer notifications when they need to upgrade lest they put their digital safety at risk. It's highly unlikely that Mac OS X v Thanks for the great, informative article Joshua. Quad-core 3. And just like other articles say as well. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Your system is no longer supported. It is a Xeon based on the Core 2 Quad lineup.

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  • Your processor supports 64 Bit Operating systems but the firmware under it is 32bit. Google a guide and start reading. Michael, you can install Yosemite on your machine but it will require some workarounds. Do a search for pikes yosemite installer and you will be fine as long as you can follow the instructions. Good luck! I am still using snow leopard Was wondering why there were plenty of spinning beach-balls on safari, and google messages of no longer supporting this browser. Starting to get concerned , but not realising the lack of support.

    That is pretty shocking, not to mention downright stupid , and thoughtless behaviour from Apple.. I use linux on a separate machine already. You can get newer versions of firefox and chrome for these old versions of OS X.

    Wiping Clean a MacBook Pro with SuperDrive not working! | MacRumors Forums

    Odd that they would quit supporting old hardware, though, really. Oh well, sticking with I think the article is spot on in that they keep itunes updated because they have a financial incentive to do so. And your point further exemplifies that. I have a MBP mid , I recently installed Yosemite but it does not seem to work, it would show a progress bar that does not complete and the mbp does not boot to its desktop.

    What can I do? Leave it going, first boot it is doing some crazy disk check, yes it looks like the machine has crashed. Try leaving it overnight. My Lion is still useful for running my printer and scanner in my private network. So I have a iMac. I am having issues with it not wanting to update to Yosemite nor does it want to update my Publisher Plus application. Thanks for the post; it really helped me understand what is happening with support for my laptop, a mid Macbook. I guess its time to face the future and retire the trusty little black Macbook.

    Ironically, right now it dual boots windows 8. If your seven-plus year old Mac is still useful, OK, keep using it. All docs, apps and settings come over seamlessly. You should not mislead people into thinking their older incompatible applications will move over to new OS platforms and hardware that is not necessarily compatible. Many 3rd party apps will have to be upgrades as will programs like Disk Warrior for the 64 bit environments.

    A brand-new OS may receive security updates, yes, but it also represents an unknown that will be subject to exploitation.

    What to Do if Your Mac Can’t Run OS X Yosemite

    IMO, as long as there are antivirus programs that run in Snow Leopard, Adobe Flash upgrades and browser upgrades, Snow Leopard is about as secure as anything else. Has Apple published anything to suggest otherwise? Finally, if Apple no longer intends to release updates for Snow Leopard why are they still selling retail copies?