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Sure, Apple's Time Machine will back up your contact list, but it's not easy to restore just your Address Book data from a Time Machine backup. The method I'm going to describe will allow you to copy the Address Book contact list into a single file that you can easily move to another Mac or use as a backup. If you use Apple's iCal calendar application, then you probably have a multitude of calendars and events to track.

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Do you maintain a backup of this important data? Time Machine doesn't count.

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Sure, Apple's Time Machine will back up your iCal calendars, but it's not easy to restore just your iCal data from a Time Machine backup. Luckily, Apple provides a simple solution to save your iCal calendars, which you can then use as backups, or as an easy way to move your calendars to another Mac, perhaps the new iMac you just purchased. The process isn't that different but we have you covered from OS X If you follow the steps below, you can move your current Time Machine backup to a new disk. Time Machine will then have enough room to save a larger number of backups until it eventually fills up the available space on the new drive.

The process is simply requiring you to format the new larger Time Machine drive, copy the old Time Machine backup folder to the new drive, then inform Time Machine which drives to use for upcoming backups. Migration Assistant supports numerous ways of transferring the necessary data to your new installation of OS X.

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Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. Continue Reading. This connection and inquiry is via my iPad Thanks, Michael. I was assured that as I have all my files stored on a back up separate hard drive I could transfer them to my new computer. Howdy I do it……. NEW mac has office latest version. OLD mac had office !!

All the perimeters that apple or any else try to give like Size of data, type of connection or month in the year for all that matter is a joke. I used the fastest cables and least amount of data and no results. My old Mac lost its screen so some of the directions were not relevant. I completed the transfer and have major problems. My mail program was not transferred and I want to know how to correct that. My printer cannot print from the new screen and I need info on connecting to new Mac. I also need a copy of your invoice receipt for this sale.

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Emaile gets to me on my I-phone so I need major help. But my hard drive has copied documents from Sierra. Migration Assistant says there is a problem because of this. Is there a way to copy the documents to the new machine running an older OS? I have a Macbook Pro with Snow Leopard In the right hand corner of the new mac the transfer screen says connection none it is grayed out. It has been like this for a few days.

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Can I shut down both computers and start over without messing everything up? Nothing else to speak of. Point being, my storage is minimal compared to many other users. Right now my transfer from my dying MacBook Pro, Is this normal. My original connection between the two was via WiFi.

How to transfer backups from Time Machine to a new Mac

I later changed over to an ethernet cable. Is my download normal? Could that be holding me up. I dare not change anything for it took me almost three hours to eventually and properly set up the acceptable transfer. A tech savvy individual I am not. Any non-tech verbiage would be most appreciated, for I need my new iMac to start printing invoices, etc. Thanks, Michael via my iPad. Once MA shows the device you wish to use, just proceed by selecting it.

Just bought a new MacBook air. I should have take that as a sign. After working all night, nothing had transferred. Migration Assistant is not good, and Apple seems to be a state of decline unfortunately in terms of customer service and quality. What used to be fresh and user friendly has now turned into a pain in the ss. Save your money on the useless thunderbolt cable and Migration Assistant and manually transfer your info.

It is much easier and faster. I guess this is a safeguard, but I wanted all or almost all of those files in the new primary User account on the NEW Mac. But I found that when I copied those files to the new User account, I did not have the privileges that I needed. So I had to change the privileges by entering my new user password to authorize the changes.

That is VERY time consuming. I have a lot of files. The process is still NOT clear. This will probably take forever via WiFi: Now when the program was legally purchased years ago the correct serial number was entered and registered with Adobe and obviously on the existing machine too.

That data and serial number are stored somewhere on the old machine, right? In the application support or somewhere else. And that applies to all apps that were purchased and registered long ago. How many of us recorded those purchases, kept a hard copy of the receipts, perhaps changed the emails of the original purchase to a new one and forgetting which old one you purchased it under…and on and on?

Assuming that the clone is an exact copy in every way of the older machine? If you decided to boot from that backup and bypass the internal drive for one reason or another, it never asks you to reenter the serial numbers of every app again.

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Clone or Target mode or Time Machine. Thanks for reading my rant which I believe everyone might ask too. And yes, it copied over photoshop without a hitch. I have tried all my apps including little nitch, bitdefender and so on. Everything works great. Looks like I cant spell. This article is about a month late for me. Migration Assistant finally worked after the update.

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The only one that gave me any issues was Norton Security. The problem was that it identified the computer as being my Mac Mini, not my iMac I had different names for each computer. I had to uninstall, then reinstall later in the day. Other than that, most programs played nice. I had never used Migration Assistant before, but it was nice to be able to move everything from one Mac to another. When migrating, some 3rd party software will require re-authorization by entering the original activation code or whatever it uses.

For me that included Microsoft Office and Parallels Desktop among others. Otherwise how would one go back and forth between each mac and view the options , instructions, choices and verification codes? It is almost mandatory that you have your old mac up and running and visible…. I totally agree here.