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The Symbol menu: Click the Symbol command button in the Symbol group on the Insert tab. A list of some popular or recently used symbols appears. Selecting a symbol from the menu inserts the special symbol directly into your text where you currently have the insertion pointer , just like you insert any other character.

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The Symbol dialog box: I use Microsoft Word to prepare documents. I do not like Microsoft Equation Editor.

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And I have to type equations and expressions not often like every sentence or every other sentence , but definitely regularly. First, type in a letter that you want to adorn with a hat.

Say, for example, p. Voila, your p has a hat!! Say, for example, x. Go forth into the world and enjoy the same liberation I have just felt… o, ye writers of statistical stuff in documents. Hi, I tried this and it works! If the letter is upper-case, the symbol goes through it, but lower case p or x has the symbol above. The cursor has to be to the right of the letter to be correctly positioned. Great feature in MS Word. Great, it works with small letters, which is the trck with capital letters.

How to Insert Special Characters and Symbols in Word 2010

Found a way to correct the bar and letter misalignment and goes through the upper case letter. Type for lower case, and for upper case and insert it.

Menu Commands

Afterwards, mostly the upper case will not align. Copy it both letter and bar and paste it as text A in Word and in Excel.

It works in MS office If need more bars on top, inert bar twice, you double bars on top, and so on. In all of these cases, do NOT type the quotes. You can find a list of typing shortcuts here: Thank you so much!!!! You just made my life easier!!!

How to Insert Special Characters and Symbols in Word - dummies

I do layouts which have the odd letter with a hat in, and this will make then look so much better! Thank you for finding out how to do this!! Not as intuitive to begin with as word, but once mastered produces fantastically amazing documents. Hi Nicole, great thread and it pushed me to figure this out for Office for Mac Then select AutoCorrect.

Really great shortcuts.

Sigma sign Σ

This is great as far as it goes. The hat gets lost in the Greek letter. We never share your email address with anyone - never have, never will. Privacy Policy. Or open up the main dialog to scroll through many more symbols or jump to exactly the one you want.

Putting a hat ^ over a number in Word 2011 for Mac

The Word for Mac dialog only shows the first characters in a font! At least in Word for Windows you can scroll through the list. A detailed and independent look at Windows 10, especially for Microsoft Office.

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