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I start by changing the F-keys then changing the keys with a Shift modifier since many of them are blank by default. To map shortcuts to the Shift modifier i. Go to the Keyboard Settings and click the key you want to change. Then go up to the menu bar and select a menu item.

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I like to add various tools like the Audio Tool and Audio Mixer. Mapping menu items is not only limited to the menu bar at the top of the screen. You can go to the Fast Menu on different windows and map actions from there too. Then go down to the Timeline Fast Menu.


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Find out more. At the bottom of the Command Palette there are three buttons: Josh Short. The mountainsides grow strangely distorted, as if Minecraft was reimagined by surrealist artist Giorgio de Chirico. At one time there was an invisible wall erected to keep players out, but it has since been taken down.

Beyond that we find a mysterious void , which looks like an arctic ocean with ice floes and becomes sparser the further you go.

If he stays on schedule, he will be 47 years old, though he has already gotten lost a number of times. For much of the trip, he has been accompanied by his canine companion Wolfie, a wolf he tamed in the game. Once, he and Wolfie were separated, due to a glitch, but later they were reunited, miraculously, because of another glitch.

Like the journey itself, glitches have the prospect of being serendipitous or going horribly wrong. As Mac arrives at his destination, many years from now, the game will have already begun to lag, and it will be like walking in quicksand.

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Chances are decent the game will crash before he enters the promised land, where infinity laps against the limits of computer architecture like waves against a sea wall. For the ultimate deep-dive into the adrenaline-filled world of eSports, look for All Work, All Play , a feature film coming to theaters worldwide in July. Next Up. Gaming April 14, The Minecraft Farlands: A quest to the edge of an endless world can feel like an eternal glitch. At least, that was the initial plan. These mysteries have attracted at least one rubberneck on a digital pilgrimage.

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But maybe he will make it. Share This Article. Related Topics Gaming.