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Mac System Requirements Minimum: Broadband Internet Connection. The following graphics cards are not supported: Linux System Requirements Minimum: Ubuntu Requires 64bit OS to play. Come back here, post your specs and the EXACT nature of your problem does it crash imidiatly after trying load a game? Submit a trouble ticket: If you have done some of this, skip to the section you have not. I did all of this stuff my specs are fine - EU worked perfectly fine but nothing works for me.

Since EW the game is a mess for me. This game is literally the first game in more than ten years i have not been able to stop from crashing. Its totally random. It crashed in the menu screen, while loading, while tabbing to switch the soldier, randomly in my turn while panning the map, while shooting an enemy, in the enemies turn, on the global map and nearly everywhere in the base i think the only place it did not crash was in reaserch an in the cinematics I am not an expert, but i know how to handle a PC and have not had a problem that i could not fix.

But with EW i had to give up. I am hoping for patches but there was nothing in months, which is really sad Only a GTX Geforce card.

Well, you may need older drivers, and whatever Nvidia says lately should be taken with a grain of whatever. Those newer drivers simply do not work for all graphics cards. I had to on my GT Geforce card, but it is not only this game, if you read the comments of people trying the drivers you will see that. Plus your older graphics cards can not use the newer stuff that may be in some games, I doubt if it applies to this game But this game also is using the Unreal Tournment engine and some people have problems with that also with their computer setup.

You may have to google search engine - pick one I use Startpage around and see what applies to your particular situation.

macos - XCOM for Mac OS X crashes on startup - Arqade

That is all I can say about it, it crash on my computer for no reason seemingly except that error generic code CX and if you get another error code, all that can be looked up on the Internet doing a search. Really for a lot of people, it has been the graphics card drivers. Of course there has been other things, and I do not know every make and model of computers, but besides Enemy Within needing a little bit more computer, and all of that, that is all I can say about it from my point of view.

You can go through old threads at the 2K games XCOM forum, and all people are not happy with the game, but all I can say is it works on my computer so far, but I have not played it all the way through. I did play Enemy Unknown all the way through on Classic Difficulty, so after finding drivers that mainly work with maybe only a glitch very seldom, all you can do is try another driver and save often. Many drivers there at guru3d. Some problems other players say they have had, has never happened with the game or on my computer.

Just crashing for no reason back to desktop and it was the graphic card drivers. Movies for gamers. Browse all games. More GOG.

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    Tyrden View Profile View Posts. I've been playing XCOM on my Mac for the last few weeks then after restarting the game after a hangup, the game no longer starts. I have the game installed on a secondary drive. I saw several posts stating XCOM does not work on a secondary drive, well that is not true. It works fine. Until the crash I had no major problem, aside from occasional bugs in the game that would require restarting.

    Event log is below. Any help would be appreciated. See entry 4 for possible fix. X86 Native Parent Process: Mac OS X Dispatch queue: Calls made by other processes targeting this process: ReadOnly portion of Libraries: Last edited by Tyrden ; 29 Jul, 4: Showing 1 - 4 of 4 comments.