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I had an array of older Macs to try various releases of Apple's OSX to try over the years, but as has always been the case with Apple OS software, a few releases stand out as the most bug-free and solid examples of well conceived and designed software. Panther does not stand out in that respect as much as Tiger, but it was the first release at a solid direction for future software development based on a Berkeley UNIX kernel. It was the reason I hung onto the older Macs for so long.

The reason they finally hit the recycling center had more to do with the lack of USB flash support than any other deficiency. Sooner or later, the pain of configuring and terminating those old SCSI drives are no longer worth the effort, and the payback in access speed does not compensate. And in the same time period, Microsoft Windows STILL has a twitchy registry, installer, and security-hole ridden browser, which is why I only use them as little as possible, since about or so.

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They should refund every miscreant dime they made off of gullible users since Windows 95, but that's another story. I really resisted going to OS X, but the reviews were good for I can switch back to OS 9 to use them. For my printer Epson SC there is a generic driver that I downloaded.

OS X is so beautiful and smooth that I will put up with the hassle with my scanner and CD writer until I get new ones. I'm not going to spend the money for the new Office.

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I am a relatively new user of Mac's. I have installed Jaquar as a upgrade on The OS is smoother and peppier than the previous version on my Titanium and is blindingly fast on some of the and mhz units I saw it on in the local Apple Store. There are many improvements touted in Lots of new options in Sherlock and the selection of drive and ID for indexing and search is gone - thank god. All in all, worth the purchase.

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Amazon did a great job delivering the OS the monday after its Friday night release - very very surprised as I expected it on Wednesday. Although I had occasional crashes and conflicts using OS 9, it seemed to perfrom ok and I could put of with those few glitches. I am not one who is interested in living on the "bleeding edge" of technology.

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When OS I can't tell you how happy I have been since making the change. I prepared myself by ordering copies of my most often used software including Office X, Quicken, Photoshop, etc. Although I expected there would be problems during the installation, it went without any hitches I used an Epson printer which worked immediately. I didn't have to go looking for drivers or any other software.

I have now had Jaguar installed for about a month since it was released and I have not had any hangs or crashes.

There really was more frustration in my using OS 9 than I had realized. Windows Media Player 9. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.

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Microsoft PowerPoint Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 1. Modern Warfare Mozilla Firefox TeamSpeak 3. Virtual DJ 8. Google Chrome Opera browser Essayez le plus rapide des navigateurs Windows Live Movie Maker 6. Combat Evolved 2. Combat Evolved est un jeu de tir de VLC Media Player 3.

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