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Certifying your disk will destroy any data put on it. It watches your disks and volumes for errors and will warn you as soon as a problem occurs.

RAID 1 mirroring for backups - Apple Community

It can even even send you an email. Most disks will start having internal errors a week or two before they fail.

When you validate a volume, SoftRAID will read every block on the volume to make sure it can be read without errors. The driver watches to see if you're using the volume, and if you start reading or writing files on the volume, it stops validating for a second or two then resumes validation where it left off.

[Solved] Software RAID 1 assistance High Sierra

You can even validate your startup volume without worrying about damaging your data. SoftRAID ensures your volumes are working properly by taking that extra step during the validation process. If the data from all the disks in a mirror set do not match, SoftRAID updates the disks so they are all identical. It then compares the calculated parity information with the parity information stored on the disks.

If the parity information on the disks is incorrect, SoftRAID updates the disks with the correct information.

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Storage disks are so big these days that manufacturers can't afford the time it takes to test every sector of disk. When it's complete, you are reassured that every sector of the disk is usable or notified of a problem. If one disk fails, you'll have a copy of all the data on your volume.

With RAID 4 or 5 you'll get similar protection as missing data can be rebuilt from parity data that's stored every time you write to disk. Please note that there is no protection against disk failure with RAID 0.

Keep working after a disk fails.

RAID 1 Mirror The same data is written to two drives for highest level of data safety and redundancy. The same message and status above resulted.

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I used the following commands in terminal: Neither approach has resulting in the second disk of the raid being rebuilt. Any ideas?

How to Create a RAID in Mac OS 10.11

Hi Toleda and thanks for the help. I rebooted the computer and it is giving me the same error and when I launch terminal and type diskutil appleraid list, the RAID appears but both disks say Failed under Status. Do you have any idea how to fix this? Both disks appear perfectly healthy and this exact same setup worked perfectly prior to my fresh install of High Sierra.

Thanks again for your kind assistance. It turned out to be a bios issue, which was rectified once I updated to version F22d.

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