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To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. I've read mixed reviews on Google about 'Microsoft Silverlight' but nobody really knows anything about it?

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Posted on Apr 3, 9: Apr 4, 1: With SilverLight , Microsoft attempted to create their own version of what a replacement for Flash could be - but not to universal acclaim. You can read more about it here:.

Streaming Netflix on your PC? Beware of Silverlight exploit

So, if you go to any sites that have been designed for this new Silverlight stuff, you can download the plug-in from here. The alternative solution is to download and install the latest version of Flip4Mac, which now includes a Silverlight component:. Close all applications before installing any of the above, repair permissions, reboot, and repair permissions again.

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More Less. For most development teams, developing a Web site that will work identically with popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera, is a difficult proposition.

I keep getting prompted to install Silverlight.

The problem is not simply the necessity for multiple code implementations but also exponentially large testing sets. As a developer creates matrices of browser versions and operating systems, the number of testbeds needed becomes enormous. Usually, there are two ways that a development project addresses this: In contrast, the Silverlight plug-in enables an identical development model regardless of user operating system and browser.

Currently, two operating systems and three browsers are supported.

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  • Microsoft is promising to add support for the Opera browser on Windows and Mac. In addition, the Mono project has made tremendous strides in its Moonlight project, which intends to bring Silverlight to Linux.

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